By becoming a member of Salt & Soil Marketplace, you can buy locally grown and produced foods, and support local businesses and families around Southeast Alaska.

In 2019 the Salt & Soil Marketplace will allow three trial orders per customer before requiring the purchase of a membership. Membership is valid for one year after the date of purchase. You have the option to pay into higher level donation tiers to support the mission of the market. All higher donation levels get the bonuses of the lower level tiers.

Choose this easy, delicious, and satisfying way to support your local food community and register to become a member of Salt & Soil Marketplace.

* We are excited to offer “Salt & Soil Marketplace Preserving the Harvest” workshops. These will be offered three times per year by Sarah Lewis of the Cooperative Extension Service. There are costs associated with these classes, by donating at the Founding Member level and above the cost of these classes will be reduced.

Salt & Soil Marketplace farmers and food producers will offer “garden tours” and wild food harvesters will offer workshops.

Advance registration is required for these offerings.

If membership cost is a barrier, contact the Market Coordinator at We will work with you!