If you are interested in becoming a vendor, please click one of the buttons below to sign up for an upcoming vendor training session.

You can still sell in Juneau and Haines even if you don't live here and can't make it to one of these trainings. Simply email the Salt & Soil Market Coordinator to sign up for a one on one remote training session.

To prepare and make your training as easy as quick as can be, please have the following when you attend:

  1. A picture of you, and at least two pictures of your business/farm/products. Bonus points if you have pictures of all of your products (digital or hard copies)!
  2.  A short description or bio of who you are and what you sell, and what growing, harvesting, or your production practices are.
  3. An idea of what you are selling, and what units you will sell it in. For example, are you selling orange or rainbow carrots, and are they sold by the pound, or by bunches, or both?
  4. A laptop or tablet so you can set up your Vendor Profile as we talk you through it step by step.